A Card Game for Roller Derby Fans of All Ages

The price per deck includes ground shipping to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

A deck of the DerbyGrrls game standing upright in an empty space. Two cards are leaned against the outside of the box. The visible card on top shows a vibrant illustration of a roller derby skater with a single brown braid. She wears a star on her helmet and has a star symbol and the word Jammer at the bottom of the card.

Easy to learn. Fun to play. Great for all ages!​

DerbyGrrls is a NEW fast-paced card game based on roller derby! Both children and adults will love the easy-to-learn rules and colorful illustrations. Whether you love roller derby or are just looking for a new game to play, this is the game for you.

Featuring 72 unique cards including skaters from 4 teams, referees, and derby-themed surprises!

The price per deck includes ground shipping to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

How to Play DerbyGrrls

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2-Player Game
10-Minute Gameplay
Ages 8+

Shuffle and distribute cards evenly between the players. Players are encouraged to shuffle their decks at any time, but may not look at their cards before they are played.

Players take turns playing one card at a time by flipping the top card face up into a stack in the middle of the table. This stack is known in DerbyGrrls as the “pack” and acts as the available points that a player can earn during their turn as well as the main area of focus for gameplay.

As each card is played, the active player will look at the card and respond according to the type of card drawn. See here for details on how to evaluate your cards during gameplay.

When a player earns cards, they are removed from the game area and either set aside or shuffled back into the winner’s deck according to how the players choose to score and enjoy their game. See here for details on how to handle scoring and adjust the length of the game.

Gameplay continues until a player runs out of cards in their deck.

The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Evaluate Your Cards to Score Points

During each turn of gameplay, the active player will evaluate their card and respond according to the type of card that they drew. These cards are each treated a little differently and help keep the game fun and evenly balanced—ensuring that only the luckiest player wins.

There are three types of cards in DerbyGrrls:

Skater Cards

Referee Cards

Skill Cards

Skater Card

When a skater card is drawn, the active player will look at the big symbol (the “position”) on their card and compare it to the symbol of the previous card in the pack. 

Using the chart, the active player will determine if their card wins the pack.

If the position wins, the active player earns the entire pack and plays another card to begin a new pack on the table.

If the position does not win,  gameplay continues. 

An example of a DerbyGrrls skater card with a colorful illustration of a brown-haired skater with two braids. They are wearing a star on their helmet and have a star symbol and the word Jammer at the bottom of the card.
An example of a DerbyGrrls score card with the chart of which skater position wins over the other. The symbols appear in two columns down the card with the instructions for the game written in short form at the bottom. The jammer star symbol wins vs the pivot stripe symbol. The pivot stripe symbol wins vs the block circle symble. Finally, the block circle symbol wins vs the jammer star symbol.
An example of a DerbyGrrls referee card with a colorful illustration of a blond referee character with a whistle around their neck, the symbol of an X, and the word Referee at the bottom.

Referee Card

When a referee card is drawn, no cards are earned. The active player adds three additional cards to the pack before the opposing player resumes gameplay. 

Skill Card

When any of these types of cards are drawn, all players will follow the instructions as detailed on the card.

An example of a DerbyGrrls skill card with an icon representing strategy and some text describing a maneuver costing the player 1 point.

Ways to Score and Enjoy a Longer Game​

The length of the game is determined by how the players handle the card that they earn. The more rapidly a player’s hand is drained of cards, the faster a winner is determined.

If you want to play a short game, have each player put the cards that are earned into a pile that is separate from their active deck.

If you want to play a longer game, have players thoroughly shuffle the cards earned back into their active decks as they earn them.

Are you already familiar with the action of roller derby?

 Think of the skater cards as representations of the action that happens inside a pack during a jam. This is where the blockers smack down jammers, jammers squeeze by pivots, and pivots masterfully control their pack of blockers. Referees who catch skaters being naughty put skaters in the penalty box which, in turn, costs your team valuable points (i.e. the three additional cards that have to be drawn.) And finally, the skill cards are intended to illustrate some of the specialty moves, lucky boons, and epic fails that just happen to happen on the track. 

Is this precise and exact to the real-world sport of roller derby?

 No—but that’s not what this game is designed for. DerbyGrrls might be here to scratch your existing roller derby itch but it’s also intended to help introduce some potential new fans to some of the terminology and concepts of the sport.