Tabletop Card Game and NFT Collection for Roller Derby Fans of All Ages!

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On January 31, 2022, DerbyGrrls minted its first 12 NFTs to the Solana blockchain. Additional NFTs will be released weekly until the debut of the physical card game coming soon!

The DerbyGrrl NFT Collection on the Solana blockchain will consist of unique collectible illustrations of cartoon roller derby skaters.

Your purchase grants you access to a 3000x3000px @ 300dpi JPG to be used at your discretion under the Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation license while the NFT is in your possession.

DerbyGrrls is a tabletop card game that combines the simple joy of some beloved childhood games into a roller derby themed package. Subsequent expansion packs to enhance gameplay are also slated to be released in the near future.


3000x3000px JPG 300dpi
Limited Edition 1/1.

Frequently Asked Questions

These NFTs are only minted 1 of 1. This project is built from the ground up by the artist out pure passion, a lot of stubborn, and a handful of obsession. All attributes are hand-illustrated. All DerbyGrrls are unique, but some are more rare and interesting.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” Non-fungible means that it cannot be swapped for anything else—it is a unique token. An NFT is a digital thing that includes everything from drawings, videos, animated graphics, songs, or even access passes to services. The list goes on. 

Just because you own an NFT does not mean you own the copyright. Each NFT is a unique digital illustration created and copyright by Valerie Spencer of Trynd, LLC. Owners of NFTs in this collection are generously permitted to access to a 3000x3000px @ 300dpi JPG to be used at their discretion under the Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation license.

Absolutely! There are many plans and ways I intend to build this project. Like I mentioned earlier, I am a little obsessed. There is currently a slow drip of new drop coming until the release of the physical game. If you want to get in on the action early, check out the collection at DerbyGrrls NFT Collection.

Designed to Give Back

I want to give back to the many non-profit organizations that make up the community of real world roller derby. These skaters are typically volunteers—even when they’re pros. Because of this, I am donating 50% of all proceeds earned from the DerbyGrrls projects to be divided evenly among a pool of non-profit roller derby organizations including WFTDA, MRDA, and independent teams interested in a sponsorship arrangement. Talk to me more about this by emailing me at

About the Artist

DerbyGrrls has been stubbornly manifested by me—Valerie Spencer of Trynd, LLC. Nobody wanted this game, everyone thought it was a little strange, and I just kept quietly dreaming of seeing it exist. Originally designed in 2011 as a mobile game, I got really close to releasing it for iPhone in 2018. However, I really needed a divorce and he happened to also be my programmer. After some time, I started skating—Grr. with Sick Town Derby—and I figured it would be better to release it in any form rather than not try at all.